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Who We Are

Sproutel is a patient-centered R&D workshop. We leverage a unique design process and a network of medical experts to create healthcare technology that makes a meaningful impact on the lives of patients. We collaborate with companies to co-develop products that achieve outcomes and help brands tell powerful stories. With a network of global experts, we are capable of supporting collaborators through every step of the process, from ethnographic research to engineering and from market strategy to manufacturing.

We create products and IP across a variety of health verticals through our unique human centered design methodology. Our first product, Jerry the Bear for type 1 diabetes, is distributed worldwide, attracted research funding from the National Institutes of Health, and once wished President Obama “Happy Birthday.” This year, we worked with Aflac to launch our latest product My Special Aflac Duck and kicked off similar partnerships to commercialize new products across a wide array of health conditions.

We’re growing fast, and we’re focused on building a fun culture that makes everyone proud and happy to come to work every day.

We’re looking for a designer with a passion for solving problems, excitement to build unique and engaging interfaces, and experience creating physical and digital products.

You’ll be great at this job if you’re excited about learning, passionate about trying new things, and unafraid to ask for help. We work as a team and regularly focus on improvement, so we’re looking for people who are curious, questioning, and collaborative.

The Position

We are looking for an experienced multi-disciplinary designer with a background in product design. To avoid any overly jargoned “T-shaped people” explanation, we created the graphic below to show the desired design skillsets for this position (x-axis is breadth across skills, y-axis is depth of experience and proficiency):

In this position, you will work in a cross-disciplinary team, contributing your core expertise in product design among a diverse set of design skills. You will be responsible for working with business, engineering, and research teams to create new products and services that solve patient needs - from design through development and manufacturing. You will assist in design research and rapidly generating ideas that directly support the needs of patients. Through a structured R&D process, you will prototype and test viable product concepts with end users to refine designs. You will work with engineering teams to design products for manufacturability and business teams to develop client presentations.

The ideal candidate will have 3 to 5 years of experience with great design fundamentals, leadership in product ideation and creation, a history of collaborating on commercial products, and superb communication skills. Consumer or technical product experience is a must, and experience in healthcare or medical devices would be great!


  • BFA in Industrial Design, Product Design, or comparable degree or training.
  • You have deep experience with commercial product. 3-5 years of work experience with commercial products, preferably with both physical and digital design elements. Because of your experience in physical product, you have a working knowledge of materials and manufacturing processes and you understand how engineering concerns work their way into the design process. The more you’ve been involved with the process end-to-end, the better!
  • Strong inquiry skills and experience with user research. You ask questions to help inform the design process. You understand, have experience with, and value the importance of design research, ethnographic probes, and user testing.
  • You are an excellent visual storyteller. You have strong sketching, diagramming, and visual communication skills. You use these tools to convey a narrative and you are able to communicate concepts and ideas with visual storytelling. You’re excited to work with teammates to use these skills to create engaging client (and internal!) presentations.
  • You communicate clearly in writing and can help others too. Strong written communication and copywriting skills, with the attention to detail to help craft high quality presentations for clients.
  • You manage time, and manage ambiguity. Strong time management and prioritization skills are a must. When priorities are ambiguous, you help the team and you help yourself by creating frameworks to help bring clarity to the process. To keep track of our work for personal, team, and client benefit, you have strong planning, organization, and documentation skills.
  • Software skillz. You’re used programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, SolidWorks, and Blender to go from product concept to rapid prototyped parts. You’re comfortable picking up new tools.
  • Prototyping skillz. You are able to think in three dimensions and enjoy working with your hands to create prototypes. You’re experienced with making prototypes in all stages of the product development process, from paper mockups to functional prototypes for user testing. You have experience with, have dabbled in, or a curiosity to learn more about: digital prototypes, UI/UX, and electronics.

Here are some qualities we value at Sproutel:

  • You are curious and enjoy learning. We work on many new things, often simultaneously! We’ve grown tremendously by our team’s ability to learn new skills, adopt new or different technologies, and move into new markets. We’re always faced with the unknown, and celebrate diving into it.
  • You are a collaborator. Teamwork makes the dream work. We look forward to pair programming, code reviews, whiteboard sessions, and lunch conversation to share ideas, work through problems, and share best practices.
  • You have strong communication skills. Being able to explain ideas on the full spectrum of understandable abstraction to technical detail is critical to working effectively on our cross-disciplinary team.
  • You are empathetic and emotionally intelligent. Sometimes things don’t go smoothly. A customer gets frustrated, a coworker bothers you, or a vendor slips behind schedule. Being able to solve problems while supportive and sensitive to those around you helps us build a company culture focused on respect.
  • You are comfortable thinking in trade offs. We can’t always do it all and are constantly striving to strike the best balance between solving user problems, addressing business needs, and making things that are downright fun.
  • You think for yourself and you’re willing to speak up. The best antidote against groupthink! We value independent thinking and the ability to objectively discuss multiple ideas.
  • You value simplicity. It is difficult to build complex things. It is even more difficult to take something very complex, and simplify it without sacrificing functionality. We value making things as simple as possible, but no simpler.
  • You value efficiency. Time is our most valuable asset and unfortunately we haven’t yet made a breakthrough with our Delorean.


  • Healthcare coverage (including dental)
  • Two weeks vacation
  • Transportation subsidies
  • Financial support for continuing education and professional development
  • A unique office in a converted mill building in Providence, RI

We are working hard to grow Sproutel as an inclusive, diverse, and fun place to work! We care a lot about happiness, fulfillment, and respect. Join us, and let’s build an awesome company and products together.


Sproutel is headquartered in Providence, RI.

To Apply

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