We are a patient-centered R&D workshop


We create technology at the intersection of patient and market needs

At Sproutel we collaborate with companies to co-develop products that achieve health outcomes and help brands tell powerful stories. With a network of global experts, we are capable of supporting collaborators through every step of the process, from ethnographic research to engineering and from market strategy to manufacturing.

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Our Workbench

We are continuously developing new products through insight driven R&D and ethnographic deep dives into audacious healthcare challenges. We leverage this R&D to help our partners chart a patient centered product roadmap and develop innovations with impact. A specific area of our focus lies in companion robots for people with illness.


Companion Robots

Patient-Centered R&D

Case Study

My Special Aflac Duck™

How might we provide support to children undergoing cancer treatments?

My Special Aflac Duck™ is an interactive companion that supports children with cancer through the average 1,000 days of treatment. The duck was developed through an 18 month design process, working with patients, doctors, and experts at the Aflac Cancer Center. We expect My Special Aflac Duck™ to be available to children with cancer nationwide in winter 2018 - 2019.


Our Process

Our product development is powered by a proprietary patient-centered empathy driven design process.



We work with families to understand how health is managed at home, directly with kids to understand what they perceive, and collaborate with medical experts to synthesize best practices in care.



We create visual frameworks to easily digest, contextualize, and communicate the information learned through our interview process. Using these tools we synthesize key insights to guide our development process.


Prototype, Test, Iterate

We start with a range of low tech prototypes to refine our concept. Next, with internal capacity spanning from hardware to app development to augmented reality, we get our hands dirty to build functional concepts to test with users.


Impact and Scale

Once we’ve identified solutions that resonate with users we develop, manufacture, and deploy. We also work with partner hospitals to conduct health impact analysis on the products we create.


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