Outcomes Through Play

At Sproutel, we take play seriously. For the past 10 years we have developed a unique methodology for behavior change and emotional support for children.

Our work is rooted in a patient-centered, empathy-driven design thinking process — co-creating our products with both families and medical experts.

Our Impact

Play with Purpose Products

Feel-good, interactive companions that help children understand their health, put them in the driver's seat, and find comfort and joy in darker moments.

My Special Aflac Duck® for pediatric cancer.
Rufus, the Bear with Diabetes® for type 1 diabetes.
Purrble® Companion for finding calm.

Clinical Companions

Tools to improve healthcare experience. Our first focus is pediatric clinical trials - improving the way we recruit, engage, and retain children and their families.

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Our products are used at more than 300 hospitals and in more than 100,000 homes.

Behavior Change and Emotional Support

Leveraging the latest from the fields of behavioral psychology and social robotics, our methodology engages children directly in their healthcare. Our interactive companions empower children to learn about their illness through play. Children naturally project and externalize their feelings onto these companions, giving parents a stress free way to talk about medical compliance in the home and providing doctors with a tool to simplify communication with families.

Interested in collaborating?

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