We envision…

A world where a trip to the hospital feels like a visit to Disneyland,
Where the medicine cabinet in our homes is a portal to the doctor’s office,
And a prescription is not synonymous with a pharmaceutical.

Where patients, insurers, and doctors live by the adage,
“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”
And reimbursement and care delivery support the best interests of the patient.

A future in which individuals are at the center of their healthcare.

After all, our health is ours.

Meet the Sproutelians

We are digital storytellers, engineers, artists, tinkerers, troublemakers, and doers. As different as we come, we share one thing in common: our personal commitment to creating a healthier world, driven by our experiences with illness.

Sproutel is uniquely positioned at the intersection of tech, design, and social good. As we continue to grow, we have immediate goals to continue building a US-based team and global collaborator network that truly reflects the diversity we need to see in design and technology. We hope you'll join us in that mission.