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Our thumbs aren’t built to endlessly flick; up and down, left and right. Our bodies aren’t designed to sit in desk chairs and our eyes aren’t suited for staring at backlit screens. Yet this is how our interfaces are designed. And this is how we spend inordinate amounts of time.

At Sproutel, we want to change this. We are creating radically new ways to interface with technology to enhance the human experience.

Humans evolved for the natural environment. So why do we build interfaces that oppose nature?

Technology should be intuitive, with little departure from how we expect things to work. This can only occur if we build off of existing behaviors. Interfaces should be second nature, not secondary to nature.


Our first product focuses on an area of incredibly high unmet need - patient education for children with a chronic illness. Jerry the Bear is a personal robot that harnesses empathy to drive engagement. It’s about improving medical outcomes for children with type 1 diabetes by creating a piece of technology that is relatable, one that fits seamlessly into their lives.

Why not an app, one might ask?

We rely on smartphones, tablets, and computers for almost all of our content. But they aren’t the answer to everything. They are a one size fits all solution, a technological Swiss Army knife that we repurpose to fit a growing diversity of needs and demands. This becomes an issue as we continue to ask our technology to solve problems in the physical world. An app is bound by the interface of the smartphone, and a smartphone repackaged as a watch isn’t a new interface.


We are at the cusp of breaking down these walls. The web and all of its tools are being decentralized into an ambient intelligence within our environment. Fueled by a generation of empowered makers equipped with ever cheaper, connected, and power conscious bits of hardware, our natural world is becoming a little bit smarter.


We want to change the way we interact with technology. By creating interfaces that dissolve into the background of our lives we are able to immerse technology into a full sensory experience. We believe that content needs a contextual interface. The physical form of the device, its sensors, and its capabilities, can all be designed as part of the content - resulting in a highly tailored interaction. Jerry the Bear exemplifies this type of interface, taking the form of a personal robot. And with Jerry, we are able to learn more than ever before about how people interact with these types of tools.


We are a team of builders, keenly focused on the purpose behind purpose-built devices. We learn by doing, honing our design process by starting small and helping those who need it most. Jerry the Bear has already begun fundamentally changing the lives of children diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and the platform we’ve created will soon empower kids with food allergies. We have seen the profound impact that technology can have when interfaces are intertwined with their function and are ready to usher in a wave towards this type of ubiquitous computing.


If you believe in our vision of the future and want to join us, drop a line to founders@sproutel.com.

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